NEWTON Cloud is a web portal designed for users of the NEWTON Dictate software. It guarrantees the use of this software on any device and it allows the transfer of settings and files between a mobile phone and multiple computers.
Log in to NEWTON Cloud and have your NEWTON Dictate and all your dictated texts ready anywhere.

365 Licence

Have you purchased the NEWTON Dictate Business 365 licence? Register for the NEWTON Cloud and use your 365 licence on any computer, where you are logged-in.

NEWTON Cloud Dictations

Anything you dictate and save into NEWTON Cloud will be readily available anywhere you sign in – at work you can access dictations you have made at home and vice versa. If you wish to dictate a quick note into your mobile phone, no need to worry about saving it, it will be automatically saved to your NEWTON Cloud.

Prepaid Services

The storage capacity as well as remote dictation on NEWTON Cloud servers is prepaid - test credit is available upon registration or NEWTON Dictate licence purchase, additional credit can be purchased later.

Interconnection with Third-Party Applications

The speech-to-text software provided by NEWTON Cloud is available through API also from third-party applications or services.
More information: NEWTON Cloud REST API.

Terms and conditions of NEWTON Cloud services